The id0.One

$ cat whythename.html
So why is the name of this website id0.One?
Great question! Where to start...
To give you some background, the Linux OS is one of the most widely used server operating systems. In the Linux OS, different previlige levels are governed by your user (or who this certain process is running as). Different users are assigned differnt User IDs (UIDs), and Group IDs (GIDs), governing their privilige level.
In every Linux OS, there is always at least one user, the "root" user, that has a UID/GID of 0. This user has unlimited power on the system, and can do anything, from installing packages to reading private files to removing every single file on the system. As a result, the root account would be craved by hackers trying to penetrate the system.
Being into hacking myself, I named my site "" - the one with a UID/GID (or just simply ID) of 0. This was shortened id01 or id0.